Mesos packages for Debian

This repository contains Mesos packages for Debian Stretch and Jessieand Ubuntu Xenial.
It has been built for the following architectures: amd64, i386, armhf, arm64 using proper cowbuilder (pbuilder) clean chroots. Unlike Mesosphere packages containing a binary copy of their CentOS built into a Debian package, these ones are real Debian packages (sources available) so it can be easily rebuilt for a different distribution.

Mesos has been built with additional features like libnl-based network isolation and XFS disk isolation.

Packages are intended to be compatible with other Mesosphere provided packages so it's an all in one mesospackage containing everything, including some weird symlinks to provide compatibility with Mesosphere marathon and chronos package.
I plan to improve that later, for example I'll provide separate packages for Python module as soon as Mesos get's officially compatible with Python 3 too.

To add this repository, just run the three commands below as root:

echo "deb version main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/packages_le_vert_net_mesos.list
wget -O - | apt-key add -
apt-get update && apt-get install mesos

version can jessie or stretch.

If you want to follow a certain version and mix with mesosphere official repository, you can create an apt pining file like this:

Package: mesos
Pin: release
Pin-Priority: -1

Package: mesos
Pin: version 1.4.*
Pin-Priority: 1000

In case of any issue, drop me a mail